how to know if i need a nose job

how to know if i need a nose job

Do I Need A Nose Job?

Deciding whether you need or want a nose job is a personal decision that may come from wanting to improve your looks or from medical necessity. But there are certain scenarios where it might be a good idea to get a nose job.

Signs That You Might Need A Nose Job

  • You have an injury or a birthmark that affects the look of your nose. If you have an injury that affects the appearance of your nose, such as a broken nose, a rhinoplasty might be the best option to correct the damage.
  • You have a pronounced hump on your nose. Many people naturally have slightly raised bridges on their noses, but if your hump is too pronounced it can affect the balance of your face.
  • Your nose is disproportionately wide or crooked. If your nose is too wide or crooked in relation to the rest of your face, a rhinoplasty may be the best option to correct it.
  • You have difficulty breathing through your nose. If you experience difficulties when breathing through your nose due to a deviated septum or heavy nasal congestion a rhinoplasty may be necessary.
  • You are unhappy with the size or shape of your nose. If you simply do not like the look of your nose or its asymmetrical shape, a rhinoplasty may be the answer.

Deciding Whether to Get a Nose Job

Ultimately, the decision will depend on your individual needs and preferences. Be sure to consult with a qualified plastic surgeon who can help you determine whether a nose job is right for you.


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