how to move to hawaii without a job

how to move to hawaii without a job

How to Move to Hawaii without a Job

Considering a move to Hawaii but do not have a job lined up? With the right information and preparation, moving to Hawaii without a job doesn’t have to be a scary process. The following tips can help you get started on the right path.

1. Research Hawaii Jobs

It is important to research the job opportunities available in Hawaii before you take the plunge. Consider the type of job that you want, any qualifications you may need, and the cost of living. To figure out the cost of living, look at economic websites such as Sperling’s Best Places. This site provides information on the cost of housing, transportation, and groceries as well as other factors that influence living expenses.

2. Visit Hawaii

The best way to get familiar with Hawaii is to visit the state. This allows you to explore the different regions and get a firsthand experience of the culture. While there, research job opportunities and network with locals.

3. Consider Working Remotely

If you’re a digital nomad or have a job that allows you to work remotely, you are in luck! This gives you the flexibility to work and travel depending on your availability. With the beach being only a few feet away, you’re sure to have plenty of time to enjoy the warm weather and ocean views.

4. Prepare Financially

It is important to prepare financially before taking the plunge and moving to Hawaii. Taking a part-time job ahead of your move allows you to save up for expenses such as rent, food, and transport. You should also look into any grants and assistance available to help with relocation.

5. Explore Other Alternatives

Researching other alternatives prior to your move can also be beneficial. Here are some suggestions:

  • Look for short-term jobs: Consider picking up short-term jobs prior to your move such as working as a tour guide, house sitter, or private tutor. This may be enough to cover your expenses until you land a full-time job.
  • Check out travel visas: There are travel visas available that allow you to live and work in Hawaii for a period of time. These visas usually require different documents so be sure to check the required documents before applying.
  • Explore crowdfunding: Utilize online platforms to crowdfund your move. This could be a great way to generate the funds required to relocate.


These are some of the ways that you can move to Hawaii without a job. Remember to carefully research job opportunities, prepare financially, and explore other alternatives before taking the plunge. With the right amount of preparation, you’re sure to make a smooth transition.


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