how to prepare for a teacher job fair

how to prepare for a teacher job fair

Preparing for a Teacher Job Fair

Prior to the Fair

  • Research the different employers attending the fair
  • Have a clear understanding of the teaching qualifications and specific licenses required for positions you are interested in
  • Update your resume with any updated licensures, skills and changes in your current address and contact information
  • Have a professional email address that reflects your name
  • Update your interview suit to ensure it is clean and pressed
  • Write down any questions you may have to ask employers
  • Mock interview with a family member or friend prior to attending

At the Fair

  • Dress professionally in a suit or business attire
  • Bring at least 10 copies of your resume
  • Arrive at least 15 minutes before the fair and bring a bag or briefcase to carry your materials
  • Introduce yourself and ask relevant questions to employers in order to obtain the most effective information
  • Follow up after the fair with emails expressing your interest in positions and thanking employers for their time
  • Attend job fairs regularly in order to expand your network and meet different employers/companies


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