how to price jobs as a contractor

how to price jobs as a contractor

Pricing Jobs as a Contractor

Being a contractor comes with many diverse responsibilities, one of the most important of which is accurately and fairly pricing services. Accurately pricing jobs prevents the contractor from either undercharging or overcharging the client, which can have a huge effect on overall success and satisfaction. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when pricing jobs as a contractor.

Research Local Rates

Doing research on local rates is often the best way to accurately price a job for a contractor. Contractors need to know what competitive rates are for similar services in their respective areas. This ensures that they will neither undercut the market nor price themselves too high for the market in the area.

Account for Materials

Contractors should always remember to price in the cost of any materials that will be needed to complete the job. Without accounting for the cost of materials, contractors run the risk of losing money. It’s especially important to be aware of the cost of materials when quoting a job to a client.

Calculate Labor Costs

Accurately pricing jobs also includes considering the time it will take to complete a job. Contractors should factor in the number of hours it will take to complete a job into their pricing. Beware of any obstructions that could cause delays, as this could increase labor costs and delay the completion of the job.

Factor in Unexpected Costs

Unexpected costs can quickly add up for a contractor. It’s important for contractors to factor in any potential unforeseen costs that could affect the job. This could include something as small as a replacement part or as large as extra labor. It’s a good idea to quote conservatively so that one isn’t caught off guard by any unlucky occurrences.

Know Your Worth

Knowledgeable contractors understand the value their services provide and know how to accurately account for it. Taking the time to practice is essential for any contractor to ensure that the job is priced correctly.

The key to accurately pricing jobs as a contractor lies in knowledge and research. The more familiar a contractor is with their area and the cost of materials, the better chance they have at avoiding any financial pitfalls. By taking the time to do proper research and taking into account the costs of materials, labor, and unforeseen circumstances, contractors can come to an accurate, fair price for any job.


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