how to price pressure washing job

how to price pressure washing job

How to Price a Pressure Washing Job

Pressure washing is a great way to keep surfaces clean and well maintained. If you’re in the pressure washing business, it is important to know how to price a job correctly. Here are some tips to help you price a pressure washing job accurately.

Understand the Job

Before you can price a pressure washing job, you need to make sure you have a good understanding of the work that needs to be done. Talk to the client and make sure you understand what surfaces are to be pressure washed and what is required to clean them.

Calculate the Area

Once you fully understand the job, you need to calculate the area that needs to be pressure washed. This will help you determine how much time and materials will be required for the job.

Determine the Cost of Materials

You also need to consider the cost of materials required for the job. This includes the pressure washer itself, the detergents and cleaners, any protective coating or sealant that might be needed, and the water. All of these costs must be factored into your pricing.

Factoring in Labor

In addition to the cost of materials, you need to make sure you factor in the cost of labor for the job. This should include the time it will take to complete the job and any other associated costs, such as traveling expenses.

Setting a Price

After you have taken all of the above into consideration, you can begin to set a price for the job. It is important to set a competitive price that is commensurate with the work you will be doing. Make sure to look at the prices of your competitors to ensure that you are pricing fairly.


Pricing a pressure washing job correctly is essential for any pressure washing business. Make sure that you take the time to understand what is involved in the job, calculate the area to be washed, determine the cost of materials, factor in labor and time, and set a competitive price. This will help ensure that you are pricing accurately and fairly for your business.


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