how to professionally quit a job through text

how to professionally quit a job through text

How To Professionally Quit a Job Through Text

Quitting a job can be an intimidating experience. Many fear the- inperson awkwardness, the potential for harsh responses, and of course, the upsetting news for the employer. Instead of the traditional inperson conversation, many professionals are now choosing to quit their job through text. Here is what you need to know to professionally resign from a job through text:

Brainstorm A Professional Resignation

Using text as your chosen communication requires extra thought and thoughtfulness, so begin by brainstorming the perfect goodbye. Consider the following questions:

  • What is the best time to send my resignation?
  • What is the most professional way to deliver the news?
  • What language should I use?

A good text resignation is to the point, courteous and professional. Craft your goodbye with language that shows respect and appreciation for the employer’s time.

Pay Attention to Timing

You’ll want to pay extra attention to when you send your resignation, in addition to what it says. It is in your best interest to dedicate the time to meeting your employer in-person if possible. If sending a text is necessary, send it when you know your employer is least likely to be busy. Make sure to not rush out of the job without giving your employer enough time to plan your departure.

Always Follow Up

Even though you are sending your resignation through text, it’s still important to follow-up in person. People will likely be more willing to stay in contact with you if you handled the professional exit in a courteous way. Schedule an in-person meeting with your employer so you can talk through the details of your departure and answer any questions.

Wish Your Employer Well and Move Forward

Sending a text resignation is often easier and less intimidating than an in-person conversation. When done correctly and professionally, this method of job quitting can be beneficial for both parties. Always make sure to sincerely thank your employer for the experience and the opportunity, and look forward to the future.


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