how to quit a job over text

how to quit a job over text

How to Quit a Job Over Text

It’s not always possible to quit your job in person and sometimes you may have to do it over text. Although quitting over text isn’t ideal there are certain steps you can take to make it as professional as possible.


  • Be Clear and Specific: When quitting over text you want to make sure that your message is both clear and specific. Let your employer know exactly what you are doing, the day you will be leaving and the reason why. Avoid giving too much information, just state why you are resigning.
  • Be Polite: Even if you are using text to break the news, it is important to be polite and respectful. Thank your employer for their time and energy during your time of work, as well as any skills they may have taught you.
  • Keep it Short: Text messages do not need to be long and drawn out stories. Keep your message as brief and succinct as possible, not making the message about yourself but about your departure.
  • Be Ready for Responses: You may get an immediate response from your employer, or you may need to wait a day or two for a reply. Prepare in advance mentally for any of these outcomes and make sure you remain professional in your response.

Quitting your job over text won’t feel natural or comfortable but it is certainly possible. By taking the above steps you can make the entire process far less awkward.


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