how to quit job in sims 4

how to quit job in sims 4

How to Quit Your Job in Sims 4

Are you getting bored of your current job in Sims 4 and are looking for a way to try something new? Quitting your current job is one of the best strategies to start anew and explore other aspects of Sims 4 gameplay. Here’s a simple guide to getting the job done.

1. Head to the computer and search for a new job.

Once you have decided to quit your job, you have to first find a new one to replace it. To do this, head over to the computer and search the tabs “Find a Job” or “Career”. This will open up the list of jobs available. Choose the job you want to apply to and click ‘Apply’.

2. Work on your resume.

Most jobs in Sims 4 require a resume to get accepted, and you have to work to make yours good enough to be accepted. Check out the job requirements necessary to get accepted and think of the different skills you have to offer. Now fire your resume up with the various skills and make sure to hit the send button when you are done.

3. Get the job.

Once your resume is accepted, luck may come into play. Sometimes, you will get the job immediately and start off a whole new life in Sims 4. Other times, you may need to wait for further responses or get called for an audition.

4. Quit your current job.

Once you get the new job, it is time to bid adieu to the current one. Go to the cell phone and select one of the options such as “Quit Job” or “End Current Job”. Select this option to officially quit your job and go on to pursue your new career.

In conclusion, quitting a job in Sims 4 is as simple as doing a few clicks and it can make your jobless sims to go on and pursue their career dreams once again. All the best!


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