how to quit walmart job

how to quit walmart job

How to Quit a Walmart Job

Walmart is the world’s largest retailer and many people work for them. If you work for Walmart and decide it’s time for a change, here is how to quit your job gracefully.

1. Provide Smart Notice

If you have resigned, it’s important to provide your Walmart supervisor with two week’s notice. Make sure you turn in notice in writing, either in email or hard-copy paper, and provide your sign off at the bottom.

2. Offer Support

When tendering your resignation, make sure to express your appreciation for your manager and team and offer to help with the transition in any way you can.

3. Follow Proper Procedures

It’s important to follow any policies outlined in your employee handbook or other materials, as well as any applicable laws in your state that may require specific procedures for resigning.

4. Leave on Good Terms

You want to be remembered for your outstanding work and make sure your last impressions are positive. Don’t leave things unfinished and do your best to help with the transition.

5. Return Materials

Make sure you have returned any materials related to your employment, such as a uniform, ID card, or laptop computer.

6. Prepare Certifications

Once you have resigned, you may be able to receive different certifications, such as Unemployment Insurance and Worker’s Compensation, depending on your state laws.

By following these tips, you will learn how to quit your job at Walmart gracefully. Doing so will help you maintain a great professional reputation and open up opportunities for the future.


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