how to say good job in korean


How To Say Good Job In Korean

The phrase “good job,” when translated to Korean, is 멋진 일 했어. Below are a few variations of this phrase and an explanation of when to use each one.

멋진 일 했어

This is the most literal translation of “good job” in Korean, and should be used when you want to express approval or appreciation toward someone’s job.

잘 했어

This phrase is more informal, and should primarily be reserved for close friends and family.

잘 하셨어요

This phrase implies respect and should be used when you are talking to someone who is older than you, such as a parent, teacher, or boss.

잘 일 하셨어요

This phrase is the politest of the three and should be used to express approval in the most respectful manner.

Overall, 멋진 일 했어 is the most universal phrase to say “good job” in Korean, but the other options are important to consider depending on the situation.

Below is a summary of when to use each phrase:

    • 멋진 일 했어: Most universal, can be used with anyone


    • 잘 했어: For use with close friends and family


    • 잘 하셨어요: For use with those who are older than you


    • 잘 일 하셨어요: To express approval in a respectful manner



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