how to say good job in spanish

how to say good job in spanish

How to Say “Good Job” in Spanish

When you are speaking Spanish, it is important to have numerous ways to express your positive feedback and support for somebody’s work. To other non-native Spanish speakers, saying “Good Job” in Spanish can seem a bit intimidating. But fear not, below is a list of phrases to help you extend praise in Spanish.

1) Bien Hecho / Buen Trabajo

The two go-to in Spanish to say “Good Job” (when you want to sound formal) are “Bien Hecho” and “Buen Trabajo”. The difference between these two phrases is minor and you can use whichever you prefer, but just note that “Bien Hecho” is slightly more formal.

2) Felicitaciones

Felicitaciones” is a great phrase to use when you want to give someone a big compliment or to express that you are genuinely congratulating them for a job well done.

3) Excelente

When speaking Spanish, it is useful to be able to express the strength of the “Good Job” you are congratulating the person for. For example, the word “Excelente” conveys an extra sense of enthusiasm and can be used to give a bit more praise to somebody!

4) Perfecto

The phrase “Perfecto” is an expression you can use to show that you think the job was done impeccably and up to a very high standard. As “Perfecto” translates to “Perfect”, this phrase is perfect for praising somebody’s excellence.

5) Eres Genial

Sometimes there is a need to say more than just “Good Job”. To express admiration and give someone confidence, say “Eres Genial” which translates to “You are great!”


  • Bien Hecho / Buen Trabajo
  • Felicitaciones
  • Excelente
  • Perfecto
  • Eres Genial

Next time you want to express a “Good Job” in Spanish, try out one of the phrases listed above!


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