how to see applied jobs in linkedin

how to see applied jobs in linkedin

How to See Applied Jobs in LinkedIn

If you’re using LinkedIn to hunt for jobs, there are some useful shortcuts to help you keep track of where you’ve applied and browse through open positions you may be interested in.

Linking Your LinkedIn Profile

When you create a new job application, many employers now offer you the option to apply with your LinkedIn profile. Linking your account makes it easy to track your applications without having to enter the same details multiple times.

Viewing Applied Jobs on Your Profile

Once you’ve linked your profile, you can view all of the jobs you’ve applied to on your dashboard. This is the most efficient way to see which jobs you’ve applied to, as it only requires a few clicks to double check your current applications.

Checking Your Activity Feed

In the same way that you can check your newsfeed on other social media platforms, your activity feed on LinkedIn enables you to review recent actions taken on your profile. If you scroll down this page, you will find details of any jobs you have sent applications to.

View My Jobs Tool

When you log into your profile, you can browse for new open positions using the ‘View Jobs’ section. If you click the ‘My jobs’ tab, this will reveal all of the jobs you are currently applying for.

Keep Up to Date with Job Alerts

The final way to ensure that you don’t miss any job openings is to set up job alerts. You can customize these to notify you of any new openings in your desired sector. This way, you don’t have to manually keep revisiting the ‘View Jobs’ page on your profile.

By following the steps above, you can stay organized and view your applied jobs on LinkedIn with ease. This means that you don’t have to worry about forgetting to track down specific openings and can spend more time applying for jobs!


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