how to see jobs i’ve applied to on linkedin

how to see jobs i’ve applied to on linkedin

How To See Jobs You’ve Applied To On LinkedIn

Do you need to quickly keep track of all the jobs you’ve applied to on LinkedIn? All of your recent job applications are easily tracked, so you don’t have to worry about staying organized.

With these simple steps, you’ll be able to track the jobs you’ve applied to on LinkedIn and find out what kind of progress you’ve made.

Step 1: Log In To LinkedIn

Before you dive into tracking your job applications, you’ll need to log into your LinkedIn account. Make sure you input the correct username and password.

Step 2: Find Your Jobs Through Your Activity Feed

When you sign in to your LinkedIn account, you’ll be taken to your activity feed. This is the go-to spot if you’re looking to track your job applications.

Step 3: Scroll Through Recent Applications

Once you’re on the activity feed page, scroll down to the very bottom. Here you’ll see a list of recent activities, and the very first section is labeled Jobs You’ve Applied To. From there, you’ll be able to view all of your job applications.

Step 4: View Your Applications One-By-One?

If you click on the link that reads See All, you’ll get a full view of all the jobs you’ve applied to. Each job application is displayed as a card and includes the company name and job title.

Step 5: Check The Status Of Your Applications

You can now see the status of each job application by looking at the colored circle on each job card. Here’s what each color means:

  • Grey: You haven’t heard back from the employer, and your application is still in progress.
  • Blue: The employer has extended a job offer, and you can decide to accept or decline it.
  • Green: You’ve already accepted the job offer.
  • Orange: Your application has been denied.


Tracking all of the jobs you’ve applied for on LinkedIn is quick and easy. With the steps outlined above, you can quickly view the status of each application, so you never have to worry about being organized.


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