how to study for lsat with full time job

how to study for lsat with full time job

How to Prepare for the LSAT while Working Full Time

When you have a full time job, finding time to study for the LSAT can seem like an impossible task. However, it is possible to balance the demands of work and prepare for the LSAT. The following tips will help you make the most of your time and stay organized throughout the study process.

1. Make a Schedule

Creating a consistent study plan is essential for success. Consider how much time you can devote to LSAT prep each day and utilize that time to maximum efficiency. Some people prefer morning study sessions and some prefer to study in the evening. Whatever works best for your schedule, try and make it a consistent routine. Make sure to factor in some time to relax and reward yourself after each successful session.

2. Break it Down

Breaking down the LSAT content into smaller, achievable tasks can make the process more manageable. Try to focus on one section of the LSAT at a time and complete practice questions for that area. As you progress, you can slowly add more sections to your study plan.

3. Utilize Other Resources

While preparing for the LSAT, it’s important to take full advantage of other resources. Take advantage of online resources such as practice questions, flashcards and video lessons. You can also connect with LSAT study groups or forums on social media to talk to other test-takers.

4. Take Practice Tests

As you approach the test date, make sure you have taken enough practice tests to hone your skills. Practice tests allow you to become more comfortable with the LSAT content and develop better test-taking strategies. Make sure to set aside enough time to simulate a full test session and review your answers afterwards.

5. Stay Organized

Organization is key to lasting success. Whether it is managing your time, taking notes or filing away important paperwork, having a good filing system will make all the difference. Make sure to always save your past exams and track your test scores. You can also set aside a small section of your workspace for LSAT study, such as a shelf or box with all of your LSAT materials.

Studying for the LSAT while working full time can be difficult, but with dedication and perseverance, you can succeed. By following these tips, you will be on the road to LSAT success!

Good luck!


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