how to tell if someone got a nose job

how to tell if someone got a nose job

How to Tell if Someone Got a Nose Job

Are you curious about a person’s possible plastic surgery procedure? It can be difficult to tell if someone had a nose job for sure, but there are clues that can help you determine if a person has had a rhinoplasty.

Look for Unnatural Angles

When someone has nose surgery, it is often difficult to tell from far away, as the changes look subtle. However, up close you may notice unnatural angles that just don’t exist on an unmolded or natural nose. The angles of the nose should transition gradually. If you notice there are sudden angled changes in the bridge or the tip, it is likely that there has been plastic surgery performed.

Sharp, Straight Lines

A nose that has been sculpted with a knife often has unnatural straight lines. The bridge of the nose should be curvilinear and not have any kind of squared off edges or sharp points. If the person’s nose looks too perfect or overly symmetrical, they may have had some surgical work done.

Changes from Before

Of course, one of the most obvious clues that someone has had a nose job is real life comparison, especially if you have a picture of the person before the procedure. If the nose that you are seeing now is markedly different from what the person used to look like, then it is likely that the nose has been surgically altered.

In conclusion, if you suspect that someone has had a nose job, the aforementioned clues can provide you with further evidence of surgery. However, the only way to be absolutely sure is to ask the person directly.


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