how to tell your boss you got another job offer

how to tell your boss you got another job offer

How to Tell Your Boss You Got Another Job Offer

It’s difficult to tell your boss that you have received a job offer elsewhere. Here are some tips to help you tactfully deliver the news.

Do Your Research

Do some research before you go in to talk to your boss. Find out what the proper protocol is in your company for situations like this. You should also find out what kind of notice period is required and any other expectations that may exist.

Know What You Want

Before you talk to your boss, think about what you want to do. Do you want to stay or are you ready to move on? By knowing what you want ahead of time, you can better communicate that to your boss.

Be Respectful

No matter how you feel about your boss, it is important to be respectful when talking to them. Speak calmly and explain yourself clearly. Showing respect will help you maintain a good relationship with your boss regardless of your decision.

Be Prepared for Questions

Your boss may have questions about the other job offer and why you are considering it. Be prepared to answer them honestly and openly.

Know Your Rights

Keep in mind that you have a right to leave your current job if you choose to. If your boss tries to pressure you into staying, you do have the right to refuse.

Stay Positive

Try to stay positive and upbeat during the conversation. Even if you decide to stay at your current job, you can reassure your boss that you are still invested in your work and the company.

By understanding these tips, you will be better prepared to tell your boss that you have received another job offer. By being respectful and honest, you can deliver the news without burning bridges.


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