how to tell your boss you got another job offer

how to tell your boss you got another job offer

Receiving a Job Offer and Telling Your Boss

Being offered a job is exciting! It’s a relief to know that the search is over and the hard work has paid off. While this is a milestone, it’s important to handle the situation with grace because the job you currently occupy may be a great reference in the future.

Consider How You Feel About the Offer

Before telling your boss, take a moment to consider how you feel about the job offer. Make sure it fits your needs, goals, and lifestyle and you’re satisfied with the salary and benefits. After all, making a decision is easy but living with it is the true test.

Be Mindful When Informing Your Current Employer

When you provide your boss with notice:

  • Be Respectful: Your boss has likely been in this position before and will understand; however, it’s important to be respectful of the fact that you’re leaving and show appreciation for the opportunity you’ve been given.
  • Be Courteous: Although you may not have had the best experience in your current role, this does not warrant a negative reaction. Be courteous and thank your boss for the opportunity to work in the role.
  • Be Honest: Don’t be vague about the reasons for leaving; bring up the new job offer honestly and explain what you’re looking for in a new role.

Stay Committed Until Your Last Day

It’s important to remain professional until your last shift is over. Offering to help with the transition to a new employee, if the company is hiring one, is the courteous thing to do. It will also help with the reputation you leave with the team.

Parting Thoughts

Ultimately, telling your boss that you have received a new job offer is not an easy thing to do but proper etiquette is needed. Make sure to thank your boss and co-workers for the opportunity and be mindful of requirements needed before leaving. Good luck!


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