how to tell your boss you got another job offer

how to tell your boss you got another job offer

How to Tell Your Boss You Got Another Job Offer

Step 1 – Prepare Your Speech

Before you tell your boss that you have another job offer, you need to plan and practice what you are going to say. Make sure you choose the right words so your purpose is clear and your intention is to move on amicably.

Step 2 – Choose the Right Time

Be mindful of the fact that the conversation can have unexpected outcomes. Make sure you choose the right time, preferably during a time when you have a 1-on-1 conversation. Avoid telling your boss in front of other colleagues.

Step 3 – Be Honest and Direct

Be honest and to the point. Let your boss know that you have received another job offer and it is your intention to accept it. Reiterate how much your experience with the company has been valuable to you.

Step 4 – Offer to Help with the Transition

You can choose to offer your help while transitioning out. Offer to help with the training and knowledge sharing to ensure a smooth transition process. Additionally, offer to stay for a specific period of time until the transition is complete.

Step 5 – Take Feedback From Your Boss

Have an open conversation with your boss, and listen to their feedback. It may not be a pleasant conversation, but learning about what you have to work on can be a valuable lesson for the future.

Step 6 – Send a Formal Resignation

When you have concluded the conversation with your boss, send a formal resignation letter. This will officially document your intention to leave the job and when you will be stepping down.


Telling your boss that you got another job offer requires sensitivity and respect. Start by being prepared, offer help with the transition, and be sure to listen to their feedback. Finally, send a formal resignation letter that officially documents your intention.


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