how to tell your boss you’ve accepted another job


How to Tell Your Boss You Have Accepted Another Job

If you have been offered the opportunity of a lifetime at another company, the last thing you want to do is let your current employer know that you plan to leave. However, good communication is essential for a smooth transition and ties up any loose ends for yourself and your current organization. Here are some tips on how to let your boss know you are leaving to take another job:

Before You Speak to Your Boss


    • Write your resignation letter – You should always inform your employer of your departure via an official letter of resignation. Ensure to include the date that you plan to leave the organization, thank your boss for the experience, and offer to help in any way during the transition period.


    • Be aware of your legal obligations – Depending on the contract and terms of your employment, you may be required to provide notice of your resignation. Check with your HR team to confirm you have done this as failing to do so could put you in breach of agreement.


    • Have an exit plan prepared – As well having your resignation letter and notice period sorted, you should also prepare an exit plan that addresses any unfinished tasks and outlines your objectives up until the day you leave.


When Telling Your Boss

    • Be clear, concise and polite – Your boss shouldn’t be surprised by your decision to leave, but nonetheless it helps to be straightforward with your explanation. You don’t need to provide too many details, such as the name of the company you are joining or the salary of the offer, but do provide enough information so that your boss doesn’t feel you are not providing them with all the facts.


    • Make the conversation about the future – Once you have informed your boss of your decision the conversation is likely to move to reminiscing on your time spent in the company, which is all well and good, but try to ensure the focus remains on the future by offering your advice and support during the transition period as well as highlighting who can take your place.


    • Keep emotions in check – It is understandable that leaving your job can feel like a rollercoaster of emotions, however, it is best to keep those in check when informing your boss. Respect the conversation between yourself and your employer and be sure to express your gratitude and appreciation where you can.


Sometimes it can be difficult to tell your boss you are leaving but remaining professional throughout the process is the best way forward. If planned correctly and communicated effectively, informing your boss of your decision doesn’t have to be a stressful process. Good luck!


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