is a lineman a dangerous job

is a lineman a dangerous job

The Danger Of Being A Lineman

Being a lineman is one of the most challenging, yet dangerous, jobs out there. Linemen works outdoors and up in the air on high voltage power lines, which can be very hazardous.

Why is it Dangerous?

Here are some of the risks that linemen face:

  • Electrocution – Linemen work on electricity and high voltage power lines. Even with safety precautions the potential for electrocution is always present.
  • Falling – With most of the job being done in the air, linemen are always at risk of falling from great heights where serious injury or even death can occur.
  • Bad Weather – Working outdoors means linemen are often exposed to the elements, such as rain, snow, and extreme temperatures, which can cause injury or make their job more difficult.
  • Inexperience and Fatigue – If a lineman is not well trained or is too exhausted, they can make dangerous mistakes.

Can it be Done Safely?

Yes! With proper safety measures, a lineman can stay safe and protected while working. Here are some common safety protocols:

  • Safety Gear – Wearing the right clothing and gear such as harnesses and helmets can help protect the lineman from potential risks.
  • Thorough Training – Properly training a lineman to have the right knowledge, experience, and skill set is essential for doing the job safely.
  • Good Habits – Building habits such as proper stretching, eating well, and taking frequent breaks can help reduce the risk of fatigue.
  • Following Processes and Procedures – Sticking to prior approved processes and procedures can help ensure hazards are minimized.


Being a lineman is a rewarding job. It requires hard work, courage, and skill. However, it can be a dangerous job if safety protocols and procedures aren’t followed. It is important to follow safety measures at all times to ensure that everyone stays safe while on the job.


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