is boatswain mate a bad job


Is Boatswain Mate a Bad Job?

As a Boatswain Mate, you’ll enjoy some great benefits but also face some hardships. Deciding if the job is a bad job or not will depend on your values and preferences.

The Benefits of Being a Boatswain Mate

The benefits of being a Boatswain Mate include:

    • Competitive Pay: Being a Boatswain Mate can be a high-paying job, depending on the experience and qualifications of the individual.


    • Opportunity to Travel: You’ll be able to travel to different parts of the world, depending on your assignment.


    • Wide Variety of Assignments: You’ll get to take on a wide variety of assignments and gain valuable experience in many different areas.


The Hardships of Being a Boatswain Mate

The hardships of being a Boatswain Mate include:

    • Lengthy Deployments: Boatswain Mates may be away from home for long periods of time, ranging from weeks to months.


    • Working in Difficult Conditions: You may have to work in difficult environments, such as rough seas and extreme weather.


    • Repetitive Tasks: Many of the tasks you’ll have to do will be repetitive and labor-intensive.



In conclusion, being a Boatswain Mate can be a rewarding job with many benefits, but it also comes with some hardships. Ultimately, it all depends on the individual and whether they would be willing to take on the challenges that come with the role.


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