is city council a full-time job

is city council a full-time job

Is City Council a Full-Time Job?

City council is the governing body of a city, town, or municipality. It generally consists of an elected mayor and a city council. The council’s job is to prepare and adopt a budget and pass laws related to city businesses. Therefore, the question has been raised: is city council a full-time job?

Why It May Not Be a Full-Time Job

There are several reasons why city council may not be considered a full-time job.

  • Compensation: Most city council members are unpaid or receive a nominal stipend. Without a full-time income, it is difficult to justify city council as a full-time job.
  • Meeting Schedule: City council meetings are typically held twice a month. This eliminates most of the week and leaves little time for additional city council related activities.
  • Responsibilities: City councils pass laws and create budgets. These tasks can often be done without a significant amount of time spent on them.

Why It May Be a Full-Time Job

Some argue that city council is a full-time job.

  • Extra Responsibilities: City council members often take on additional duties to serve their constituents. This includes holding community meetings, attending events, and engaging in other activities.
  • Public Pressure: City council members are expected to be publicly accountable. This means they must often answer phone calls and emails from citizens, keep up with trends, and respond to media inquiries.
  • Time Commitment: City council members are expected to read and prepare for meetings, attend meetings, visit other cities to attend conferences, and stay informed about important legislation. All of these tasks require a large amount of time and often go beyond what the two meetings per month require.


Whether city council is a full-time job or not is largely up to interpretation. The fact remains that it involves a large amount of work and responsibility, and any council member must be prepared to give a considerable amount of their time and energy.


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