is court clerk a good job

is court clerk a good job

Is Court Clerk a Good Job?

Whether a job is suitable for someone or not depends on various factors such as interests, qualifications, skills and expectations. Becoming a court clerk is a job worth considering if all of these align.

What Does a Court Clerk Do?

A court clerk is responsible for administrative duties in a courtroom, such as:

  • Maintaining court files
  • Providing general court information to the public
  • Collecting court fees
  • Preparing documents for court

Advantages of the Job

Stability: Court clerk jobs are usually filled with stability, as the same court is usually running each day.

Support: Court clerk normally work with a team, so there will always be support and help available.

Effect: Court clerks hold an important and influential role in the justice system, meaning you can make a difference to peoples’ lives and deliver justice.

Disadvantages of the Job

Pressure: Court clerks can feel pressure to uphold the law and do their job efficiently.

Paperwork: Some court clerks may find that paperwork is the bulk of their job and can become quite tedious.

Responsibility: Court clerks are responsible for the accuracy of all documents, which could have negative consequences of an error.


Whether court clerk is a good job or not depends on the individual. Just like with any job, it can have its highs and lows, so it is important to consider carefully if it is the right job for you.


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