is driving trucks a good job

is driving trucks a good job

Driving Trucks: Is It a Good Job?

Truck driving can be a great job for those who love the open road and have a good eye for safety. It’s a career alternative for those with a good driving record and the aptitude for commercial vehicles. But, there’s more to consider when determining whether or not truck driving is a good job for you.


  • Location independence. You can choose to stay closer to home as you drive for a regional outfit or go long haul and cross many states. You also have the freedom to take your truck with you to enjoy a scenic route.
  • Competitive pay. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median pay for this profession was $45,260 per year in May 2019.
  • Opportunity to meet people. During your travels, you will meet and learn from people with different cultures, religions and creeds, giving you a unique “on the ground” perspective.


  • Time away. Long-haul drivers may spend weeks away from home. Truckers work on tight deadlines and competition can be fierce on the roads. Many drivers fail to make their deadlines, leading to potential unpaid hours in the week.
  • Physical strain. Truck driving can often be a vigorous job with lots of physical strain involved, particularly when loading and unloading cargo.
  • Risky Environment. Long-distance drivers are exposed to risks such as accidents and robberies. The hours are long and the drivers can feel fatigued or sleepy. This can increase their risk for accidents.

In conclusion, truck driving is a career that offers a steady living and independence. It provides the opportunity to travel and meet people while still earning a good wage. However, those considering the profession should remember the challenges that come with the job such as long hours, physical strain and hazardous working conditions.


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