is it hard to get a ux job

is it hard to get a ux job

Is It Hard to Get a UX Job?

User experience (UX) jobs are becoming increasingly popular, but it can be tricky to land such a role. Luckily, with the right skills and preparation, you can increase your chances of gaining employment in this field.

What Skills Are Required?

UX professionals must understand the needs of users and know how to effectively apply them to product design and development. To be successful in UX, you need:

  • Design Skills: Proficiency in the principles and practices of design, such as typography and color theory.
  • Research Skills: Ability to plan, execute, analyze, and report on user and market research.
  • Interaction Design Skills: Understanding of desktop, mobile, and web design to create user interfaces.
  • Technology Skills: Knowledge of coding, web development, and experience with different types of software.

What Is the Hiring Process Like?

The hiring process varies from company to company, but typically involves multiple steps. Companies will typically begin by assessing your resume, asking questions related to your work experience, and giving you online skills tests. Subsequently, you will likely be asked to provide a design portfolio and complete a series of interviews. The interviews are likely to include a combination of technical and problem-solving questions.

What Is the Job Market Like?

The UX job market is growing. According to a 2019 report, the number of unfilled UX positions across the globe is expected to reach 408,248 by 2023. Additionally, UX is also highly sought after by larger companies such as Google, Amazon, and Apple.


While getting a UX job does require preparation and hard work, it is possible to succeed with the right skills and experience. By continuously updating your skillset, preparing for interviews, and staying abreast of trends, securing a UX job can be an achievable goal.


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