is job lot open today

is job lot open today

Is Job Lot Open Today?

The modern retail landscape is as competitive as ever and increasingly, retailers are embracing a 24/7 approach to business. Job Lot, a discount department store, is among them. But is Job Lot open today?

Job Lot Hours of Operation

Job Lot’s normal operating hours are Monday to Saturday 9am – 8pm and Sunday 10am – 6pm. However, it is possible that individual stores may vary slightly from these hours; it is best to check your local store for any variations.

Opening During Unusual Circumstances

As with many other retailers, Job Lot may make the decision to open for extended hours during certain periods, such as during the holidays. To find out any such changes, it is best to check the website for up-to-date information.

Is Job Lot Open Today?

The simple answer is yes, unless it is a public holiday or the store is closed due to unforeseen circumstances, Job Lot will be open today.

What Does Job Lot Offer?

Job Lot stocks a wide range of products and services, ranging from home accessories and apparel to food, health and beauty products. They also offer services such as gift cards, layaways and a loyalty rewards program.


If you are looking for great deals today, Job Lot is likely to be open and ready to help. With their wide range of products, services and their convenient hours of operation, there is sure to be something for everyone. Don’t miss out on great deals, pop in to your local Job Lot today!


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