is jobs daughters a cult

is jobs daughters a cult

Is Job’s Daughters a Cult?

A lot of people have expressed concerns about whether Job’s Daughters is a cult. This is an understandable question, given the Masonic foundations of the organization and its emphasis on rituals and secrets. In order to get a better understanding of Job’s Daughters, let’s take a closer look at what it is and some of the aspects that set it apart.


Job’s Daughters was founded in Omaha, Nebraska, by a group of women in 1920. The group is part of the DeMolay International organization and takes its inspiration from the Biblical story of Job. Members, known as “Bethels,” must be between 10 and 20 years old and are dedicated to developing positive values and strong interpersonal skills. Each Bethel is headed by a guardian, and a number of adults guide and oversee the activities.

Rituals and Secrets

Job’s Daughters is heavily influenced by the Freemason religion, though it does not require that its members be members of any specific faith. It does, however, involve rituals and secrets that are only revealed to initiates. These rituals include the making of symbolic gestures, the recitation of pledges, and the exchange of secret passwords.


The goal of Job’s Daughters is to help young women develop good values, character, and strong interpersonal skills. The organization emphasizes loyalty and service, as well as respect for the beliefs and opinions of others. Job’s Daughters also encourages its “Bethels” to become active members of society and to participate in leadership roles.


Job’s Daughters is not a cult, but rather a youth organization dedicated to helping young women develop beneficial values and skills. It emphasizes loyalty, service, and respect, and is rooted in the principles of Masonic belief. As long as its members adhere to the values and principles of the organization, Job’s Daughter can provide a positive experience for girls of all ages.

Key Points

  • Job’s Daughters founded in 1920
  • Must be between 10 and 20 years old
  • Influenced by Freemason religion
  • Involves rituals and secrets
  • Emphasizes loyalty and service
  • Goal is to help young women develop good values and skills
  • Not a cult


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