is mike rowe from dirty jobs married

is mike rowe from dirty jobs married

Is Mike Rowe From Dirty Jobs Married?

Mike Rowe has been an international icon for years with his memorable role as the host of the Discovery Channel series Dirty Jobs. Fans from all over the world have followed him on his various adventures and misadventures while visiting and working on some of the most challenging and often gross jobs one can find. He endlessly demonstrates a deep dedication to the country’s hard-working laborers and those working adversely in dangerous areas of the world. With his ever charming smile, it left many people wondering the same question: is Mike Rowe married?

The Facts:

  • Mike Rowe has never been married. As of 2021, the Dirty Jobs host is currently single.
  • Mike Rowe is actually currently in a long-term relationship with someone, however he has kept their identity a secret from the public.
  • In a post from his Facebook page, he didn’t mention his current partner by name but did add a picture of him with his dog.


Although Mike Rowe is currently single, that hasn’t stopped him from making friends. He continues to be active on social media and stays connected to friends and fans alike. His charitable works and approachable attitude has lead him to be seen as a great friend and mentor to many. Mike Rowe’s personal life is his own and has yet to confirmed if he will get married in the future. Until then, fans and friends can continue to celebrate his success and his never ending dedication to telling true stories of courageous and hard working people around the world.


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