is nurse a white collar job

is nurse a white collar job

Is Nurse A White Collar Job?

Being a nurse is an incredibly important and difficult job. It is a job that requires extensive training and technical knowledge, yet many debate whether or not it should be considered a white collar job. To explore this question, let’s take a look at some characteristics of a white collar job and how nursing fits into that definition.

Characteristics of a White Collar Job

A white collar job typically has the following characteristics:

  • Education Requirements – Many white collar jobs require a college degree or work experience.
  • Office Environment – Generally, white collar jobs involve working in a professional office.
  • High Pay – White collar jobs usually come along with a nice salary.
  • Status – Generally, white collar jobs have a certain level of respect and prestige.

Does Nursing Meet The Criteria?

Although many do, not all nurses hold a college degree. Depending on the level of experience and specialty, some types of nurses can practice without a college degree. However, most hospitals require at least a two-year nursing degree and many nurses obtain higher degrees.

Nursing can sometimes involve office work, but most of the time nursing is practiced out in the field. Nurses can often be found in orienting new patients, conducting routine checkups, administering treatments, providing guidance to family members and conducting exams.

Nurses don’t always make high salaries, especially those just starting out. Experienced nurses, especially those with specialties, may sometimes earn more.

Overall, the prestige of the profession depends on the environment the nurse is working in. Most nurses are respected and their skills are valued in the healthcare setting, but outside the hospital, their status may not be as clear.


When looking at the various criteria for a white collar job, nursing often doesn’t fit into one clear box. Nursing requires a high level of knowledge and technical training, but it also usually requires some form of on the job experience. While nursing can provide a secure income and a certain amount of respect, it doesn’t necessarily offer the high salaries and clear social status of some other white collar jobs.


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