is steve jobs gay

Is Steve Jobs Gay?

Steve Jobs was a highly influential man who made history. But the question of whether Jobs was gay has been a mystery that has intrigued the public for years.

The Evidence

There have been some clues that may provide clues as to the answer to this question:

  • His Sexuality was Not Discussed– Jobs never talked openly about his sexuality and it was not publicly discussed during his lifetime.
  • His Personal Relationships– Rea Campbell, an ex-girlfriend of Jobs a few years before he died admitted that she thought he was gay.
  • The Community He Lived In– Jobs was known to spend a lot of time in an LGBT friendly community in California, suggesting he may have had an affinity for the community.

The Verdict

At this point, the answer to the question of whether Jobs was gay is still unclear. While there is some evidence that may indicate that he was, there is still not enough to definitively answer the question. Ultimately, we may never know for sure and the mystery of Steve Jobs’ sexuality may remain unsolved.


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