is trucking a blue collar job

is trucking a blue collar job

Trucking – Is This A Blue Collar Job?

Trucking is a hard physical job and for many it is associated with blue collar work. But since the truck driving industry has changed a great deal with regards to technologies, duties, and career growth, is it still considered a blue collar job? Let’s look more closely.

What Makes A Blue Collar Job?

A “blue collar job” is mainly associated with manual labor that requires physical skill and strength. These typically do not require a university degree, but instead require practical on-the-job skills and experience. For the most part, blue collar jobs are non-supervisory positions where the worker interacts with customers or works as part of a team.

Is Trucking A Blue Collar Job?

The industry has changed dramatically in the last few years. Where before a driver had to rely mainly on physical skills to complete their job, the modern driver may now have to use technology such as GPS navigation, computers, digital scales, and dispatching software. With these technical skills, trucking is no longer a job solely based on physical skill and strength.

In addition, over the past decade, more and more drivers have gained experience and taken advantage of career growth opportunities to move up the ranks into more managerial positions. Many of today’s drivers may be supervisors or managers of other drivers, and may be involved in central dispatch, booking and scheduling, and even automated driving systems. These managerial roles require further education and technical expertise, leading some to argue that trucking isn’t a blue collar job at all.

Pros & Cons Of Trucking As A Blue Collar Job

  • Pros:
    • Often pays well without requiring a university degree
    • Offers career growth opportunities
    • May require travel or being away from home for long periods of time
  • Cons:
    • May require long hours and overnight shifts
    • May involve dealing with difficult customers or traffic
    • Physical labor can be strenuous and may be dangerous in certain conditions


Trucking has evolved substantially in recent years, along with the requirements of the job. Where it was once mainly a physical job, now it requires more technical skills and career growth opportunities, making it a much different type of job than it was before. Whether or not it is still considered a blue collar job is still up for debate, but for those looking for an interesting and rewarding career that offers great opportunities for growth, the trucking industry may be the perfect fit.


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