is ux design a tech job

is ux design a tech job

Is UX Design a Tech Job?

UX design is a fast growing career choice in the tech sector, but is it really considered a tech job? It’s an interesting question, as the answer ultimately depends on who you ask.

What Is UX Design?

UX design stands for “User Experience Design” and is a branch of the tech industry focused on the overall satisfaction a user has on a product or system. The UX designer is responsible for ensuring the product or system appeals to the user’s needs and expectations, and that its design is easy to use and navigating.

Skillsets Required

For most UX design roles, the important skillset includes:

  • Human Factors: Understanding the motivations behind why users take certain actions and make certain decisions.
  • Interaction Design: Knowing how to construct a product or system that allows users to quickly understand and interact with.
  • Visual Design: Creating aesthetically pleasing user experiences that clearly communicate the product or system’s purpose.

Is UX Design a Tech Job?

So, is UX design a tech job? Generally speaking, yes, it is – because its role lies in the tech industry and requires a set of technical skills. For example, UX professionals need to know how to design digital products that integrate with existing systems and databases.

However, there is also a creative element to UX design that lies outside the realm of technology. Companies are looking for professionals who can think outside the box and devise eye-catching designs that will engage users and improve the overall experience.

Ultimately, it is a job that requires both technical expertise and creative know-how, making it an attractive option for those who have an interest in both technology and design.


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