was job before noah

was job before noah

What was Job Like Before Noah?

The Bible speaks of many individuals throughout its pages. One of these is Job, who is commonly known as a figure of faith and integrity. But what was his life like before he encountered God and His power? What can we learn from the pre-Noahic world of Job?

Early Successful Business

Job was described as a prosperous and influential citizen living in the Middle East. He was well known for his positive reputation – for being “blameless and upright”. Job appeared to have a successful business of his own. He had seven thousand sheep, three thousand camels, five hundred yoke of oxen, and five hundred female donkeys. His ten children enjoyed a life of wealth and comfort due to their father’s prosperous business.

Job’s Relationship with His Family and Neighbors

Job was also kind-hearted and generous. He was known to give generously to the poor, provide his servants with food, and expense lavish feasts for his children. He was highly considered in his community and well-respected by his family and neighbors.

Pre-Noahic Job

When looking at Job before Noah, we can get a glimpse of a life before Sin. Before God had shown his power and might to Job, he was prosperous, generous, and had trustworthy relationships with his friends and neighbors. He was a model of true success and excellence by society’s standards.

However, the pre-Noahic Job still had flaws. He was quick to become proud, he was impatient in his suffering, and he longed for some type of justification for his trials. There was still an aspect of human nature that corrupted Job.

Lessons We Can Take from Job

Despite his flaws, Job shows us that success and righteousness can be achieved on earth. His character, although flawed, demonstrates true faithfulness and commitment to God. We can learn from this that it is possible to live a life of integrity.

We can also learn the importance of having faith and patience. Job had a lot of questions, yet he was still able to remain faithful and trust God throughout his trials and tribulations. This is a reminder that faith and patience go hand in hand.


Job is an amazing example of what it means to be a successful citizen, friend, neighbor and father. Though his life existed before Noah, it still serves as an example of what true success looks like. We can take away valuable lessons, such as striving for excellence, having faith, and being patient.


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