was steve jobs bisexual

was steve jobs bisexual

Was Steve Jobs Bisexual?

Steve Jobs, the late founder of Apple and one of the most influential visionaries in modern history had a mysterious personal life, which many people speculated about. Amongst the rumors was the claim that Steve Jobs was bisexual.

Biographical Clues

Several biographies of Jobs seem to point in the direction that he was bisexual. His close association with the LGBT community, his well-discussed experimental period in college and the numerous rumors and informal accounts that insist that he was bisexual all add fuel to the fire.

Close Friendships With LGBT People

Jobs had a number of close friends who were members of the LGBT community and he was always known for being respectful and supportive of LGBT people and rights. Jobs was friends with LGBT rights activist Bruce Breedlove who has stated that Jobs was “open and approving about homosexual behavior”. He never publicly declared his own sexual orientation, which in itself is a sign of acceptance of the LGBT community.

Experimentation in College

Biographers have discussed Jobs’s experimental period in college, during which time he had several relationships, though the genders and sexual orientations of the people involved remain unknown. Jobs is known to have been open to the idea of exploring different types of relationships, which could suggest that he experimented with different genders or sexual orientations.

Rumors and Speculation

Though there is no clear evidence to prove that Jobs was bisexual, there have been numerous accounts, rumors, and speculation that he was. The mysterious nature of his personal life, the clues to experimentation described in biographies, and his close relationships with the LGBT community have all been fodder for speculation about Jobs’s sexual orientation.


Though there is no clear evidence one way or another, many biographers, friends and acquaintances of Jobs believe that he was bisexual. His respectful attitude toward the LGBT community, his close relationships with members of the LGBT community, and his openness to exploring different kinds of relationships all suggest that Jobs was in fact bisexual.


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