what age can you get a nose job

what age can you get a nose job

Getting a Nose Job at Different Ages

Nose jobs, or rhinoplasty, are a popular way to reshape the nose, making it smaller or changing its appearance. Many adults get nose jobs as teenagers or adults, however, the age of when a person can get a nose job can differ.

Consent Laws

Depending on the country or state, a parent or legal guardian must be involved in the process to give their consent if someone is under the age of 18. A consultation with a certified physician is typically required to start the process for a nose job, and more than likely the parent will need to be involved in this as well.

What Age is Considered Too Young for a Nose Job?

It is generally not recommended for a person under 18 to get a nose job due to several concerns. One reason is the fact that the nose and face are still developing, so the results may not be permanent. A nose job done quite young may have to be redone when a person is older.

Risks of Getting a Nose Job Too Early

In addition to the potential of having to redo the nose job, there are other risks that come along with getting a nose job. These risks include:

  • Scarring – In extreme cases, nose jobs can lead to scarring around the nose.
  • Infection – There is a risk of infection after a nose job.
  • Breathing Difficulties – If the nose is altered too much, it can lead to difficulty breathing.

When is the Right Age for a Nose Job?

It is suggested to wait until the face and nose have stopped developing before getting a nose job, which can typically happen in late teenage years. With that being said, there is no exact age that is considered to be the best time for a nose job, as it can vary from person to person. Regardless of age, it is important to always discuss the potential risks and benefits of a nose job with a certified physician before making a decision.


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