what air force jobs require top secret clearance

what air force jobs require top secret clearance

Air Force Jobs Requiring Top Secret Clearance

Serving in the armed forces means being willing to go above and beyond in order to protect and serve to the best of one’s abilities. Meeting the requirements of a top secret security clearance is just one way for an individual to stand apart from the rest of the pack. The following positions in the United States Air Force are those requiring an individual to have a top secret clearance.

Human Intelligence Specialists

Human Intelligence Specialists are called upon to use a variety of methods in their job—such as interviewing, document exploitation, and field operations—in order to gain intelligence from enemies of the state. As they are handling sensitive information and utilizing techniques that need to be treated with the utmost secrecy, Human Intelligence Specialists require top secret clearance in order to take on the positions.

Cyber Security Specialists

The Department of Defense is constantly under attack by foreign and domestic entites, and the need for capable Cyber Security Specialists is ever-growing. Those serving in the position will work to identify, prevent, and counter threats made against computer networks. As they will be working with confidential data, applicants for the position need a top secret clearance.

Intelligence Analysts

Intelligence Analysts enter the field in order to collect, analyze, and evaluate information from various sources. The data obtained can then be used to inform national defense policy and strategy. As the individuals who are serving in the Army, Navy, and Air Force need to access a variety of classified information, a top secret clearance is a requirement for intelligence analysts.

Air Force Security Forces

The Security Forces in the Air Force are responsible for the base defense and law enforcement. Their duties include the protection of weapons, aircraft, and personnel, as well as responding to security incidents. As Security Forces are responsible for top-level security, they require a top secret clearance in order to work in the position.


Serving in the United States Air Force can be an incredibly rewarding experience, and those with a top secret security clearance are able to fulfill an even greater role in protecting and serving. Individuals in the positions of Human Intelligence Specialists, Cyber Security Specialists, Intelligence Analysts, and Security Forces all require a top secret clearance in order to be considered for the roles.


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