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What Are Employers Looking For In Their Candidates

A job interview is one of the most important meetings that a professional will ever have.
While an employee tries to give their best shot at the interview, the employers themselves have a different mission – they try to determine whether the candidate is the perfect candidate for the job that they have to offer.
So, is there a way to categorize what employers look for in a candidate? Yes we can categorize the main issues.
This article discusses the main decisive factors for employers when hiring employees.

What Do Employers Look For When Hiring – When Interviewing Candidates?

Of course, various employers would look at different aspects in candidates, but here are the general aspects that an employer will look for:

1. Competencies – Abilities to do the work successfully:
This is by far the most important aspect that the employer will be looking for in the prospective employee – the competencies.
Competencies are set of skills, knowledge and attitude required to perform a particular job function successfully.

In fact, when an employee joins a company, most of the internal aspects can either be taught to the employee, or the employee picks them up as time goes by. But what cannot and should not be taught is the core competencies that the employee should have, based on which he or she would have applied for the job in question.
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2. Will to do the work:
Some people have the ability to the do the work but do not have the will to do it.
Such people are confused in life and will take up the job offer but will not do the work to the best of their abilities and therefore drift away before long. This is something that every employer knows, and therefore this is another aspect that the employer will look for in the prospective employee. The employee should not only have core competencies to do the work, but also have the will to do the said work.

3. Will to Learn:
Not everyone knows everything, and everywhere has to learn some aspects somewhere or the other. This is another truth of the world of jobs and professions.
Of course, the prospective employer would have the core competencies and will to work, but this may also create a scenario where the person is too egotistic to be able to learn anything else, or enhance their knowledge about the particular service or product. This will only create a negative aura in the company, something that no employer would like in the company. Therefore, the employer will also look for the will to learn in a prospective employee.

4. Positive Attitude:
A work place is a team effort, and unless and until an employee is not a team member, they will never be able to perform to their optimum levels.
Having a positive attitude towards the work and life in general is one of the most important aspects that an employee can have, and something that employer looks for in the said employee.


Of course, not every employer and hiring managers would be looking for these attributes in candidates.
For example, if an employer is looking for a person at the position of an executive or a CEO, it is a completely different ball game, in which the employer will look for aspects like leadership, thought leadership, general management competencies etc.

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