what are non combat jobs in the army

what are non combat jobs in the army

Non-Combat Jobs in the Army

The Army is made up of more than just men and women engaged in front-line combat activities. In fact, there are a variety of opportunities for civilians wishing to serve the Army without taking part in combat. Here are some examples of non-combat roles in the United States Army:

1. Logistics and Supply

The jobs in the Logistics and Supply field are among the most essential of all the non-combat roles in the Army. This field includes jobs such as supply specialists, warehouse specialists, logistics planners, and cargo and transportation specialists.

2. Engineering and Construction

The Army employs a large number of engineers and construction workers to build and maintain the infrastructure of military bases and other facilities. Among the roles in this field are: civil engineers, electrical engineers, mechanical engineers, construction surveyors and inspectors, construction foremen, HVAC technicians, carpenters, plumbers, and other types of craft workers.

3. Communications and Information Technology

As the Army modernizes its communications and IT systems, more and more job opportunities arise for workers skilled in this field. These jobs range from programmers to systems engineers and technicians, and even telephone line technicians.

4. Administration, Human Resources, and Finance

Every organization needs dedicated staff to manage its finances, personnel, and day-to-day operations. The Army is no exception. Jobs in this field include accountants and bookkeepers, finance officers, payroll clerks, human resources administrators and managers, clerks, and administrative assistants.

5. Medical Support

The Army needs a vast array of medical support personnel, from physicians and nurses to medics and support staff such as operations officers and medical equipment technicians.

Working in the Army can be a rewarding experience for individuals looking to serve their country without engaging in combat activities. In addition to the five non-combat roles outlined above, the Army offers a wide range of other opportunities for those who want to make a difference without having to put their lives in danger. With the right training and education, you can make a successful career out of serving in a non-combat role in the Army.


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