what did bildad say to job

what did bildad say to job

Bildad’s Speech to Job

Bildad was a part of the group of friends who were with Job during his struggles and suffering. In the Bible’s book of Job, his speech is one of the most moving and inspiring pieces of literature of all time. Bildad gave Job his kind counsel and words of wisdom.

Bildad’s Advice to Job

1. Focus on your righteousness: Bildad urged Job to retain his righteousness and trust in the justice of God, regardless of his suffering: “Is not your fear of God his confidence and the uprightness of your ways your hope” (Job 8:6).

2. Face up to your limitations: Bildad reminded Job not to exalt himself above his abilities: “Seek in the villages for wisdom, in all the desolate places where you abide” (Job 11:2). He was essentially saying that Job should not think he was wiser than those around him.

3. Repentance can return favor: Bildad suggested to Job that he repent and demonstrate his faith in God, in the hope that He might show him favor and restore Him: “If you seek it like silver and search for it as for hidden treasures, then you will understand the fear of the LORD and find the knowledge of God” (Job 28:28).

4. God will reward the faithful: Bildad reaffirmed God’s promise that the faithful will be rewarded. He reminded Job that “those who shackle Him [God] know nothing; those who find Him know great reward” (Job 36:23).


Job was in the midst of turmoil, despair, and suffering when Bildad gave him his words of wisdom and assurance. Bildad’s speech, reminding Job to focus on his righteousness, face his limitations and to repent in hope of being favored by, and forgiven by God, was truly inspiring and a source of comfort. In the end, Job believed in God and God reward Him with far more than he ever expected.


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