what did bildad say to job

what did bildad say to job

What did Bildad Say To Job

Bildad was a friend of Job’s in the book of Job in the Bible. He was a wise man who believed in God and had a strong sense of right and wrong. After Job’s life began to unravel, Bildad interceded with a series of three speeches.

His first speech

In his first speech, Bildad attempted to reason with Job, and he attempted to counsel him in the ways of wisdom. He attempted to remind Job of his life and his journey with God.

  • God is sovereign. Bildad reminded Job of God’s power and his infinite wisdom. He declared that God’s decisions are always just and that God does whatever he pleases.
  • A man’s destiny is not of his own making. Bildad asserted that Job had no right to complain about his sufferings because he did not choose his destiny. His destiny was ordained by God.
  • God is capable of punishing the guilty and rewarding the righteous. Bildad reminded Job of God’s justice and judgment. He believed that if Job would repent and submit to God, he will be rewarded.

His second speech

In his second speech, Bildad attempted to rebuke Job and argue with him about his belief in God.

  • God’s existence is absolute. Bildad declared that God is eternal and that his throne is in heaven. He argued that there is no other power who is greater than God nor can challenge his sovereignty.
  • God’s will is unchangeable. Bildad declared that God’s will is immutable and that whatever God decides to do, it will happen no matter who opposes it.
  • God’s justice is impartial and just. Bildad reminded Job that God is the judge and he is righteous. He declared that God will never do wrong and that his judgments are always just.

His third speech

In his third speech, Bildad shifted his focus from Job directly to Eliphaz, another friend of Job’s. He tried to persuade Eliphaz to argue in Job’s defense.

  • God is the ultimate ruler. Bildad reminded Eliphaz that God is sovereign and that he is the ultimate judge. He declared that God alone can judge Job’s sins and reward him according to his righteousness.
  • God’s mercy is beyond comprehension. Bildad spoke about God’s mercy and his never-ending grace. He declared that God will forgive Job if he repents and submits to him.
  • God’s wisdom surpasses man’s understanding. Bildad reminded Eliphaz that God’s wisdom is infinite and that man’s understanding of God’s ways is limited. He declared that man cannot comprehend God’s justice and judgment.

In conclusion, Bildad spoke to Job with compassion and wisdom. He reminded him of God’s sovereignty, power, justice and mercy. He encouraged Job to repent and submit to God and be rewarded.


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