what do public utilities jobs pay

what do public utilities jobs pay

What Do Public Utilities Jobs Pay?

Public Utilities can be an interesting and rewarding field, but what is the pay like? The average salary for public utility jobs vary depending on the type of job, location and competencies. The type of job one chooses can have an effect on pay, with those in managerial and executive roles managing to earn higher salaries than other positions.

Average Salary for Public Utility Jobs

The median salary for public utility jobs is $74,500, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Lower-paying jobs tend to be at the customer service level, while professionals with specific skills such as engineering may be able to earn up to $87,200. The range of salaries varies significantly by region and experience, so potential job seekers should research the average salaries in their area in advance.

What Factors Affect Pay Rate?

Generally, public utility companies offer the highest pay to those with expertise and experience. Employees who develop leadership skills and technical knowledge are more likely to be offered higher salaries than those who lack these competencies. Additionally, geographic location and the size of the company can affect pay. For example, if you choose to work for a large public utility, you will generally have access to higher salaries than you would with a small one.

Types of Jobs Available in Public Utility

The types of jobs available in the public utility field are wide-ranging and can include:

  • Utility Regulatory Analyst
  • Utility Technician
  • Systems Analyst
  • Project Manager
  • Electrical Engineer
  • Public Relations Manager
  • Environmental Specialist


Public utility jobs can offer a rewarding and flexible career, depending on the level of skills and experience of the individual. If you are looking to enter the public utility field, it is important to research the salaries in your area so you can be sure to negotiate a fair and competitive pay rate. With the right skills and qualifications, individuals can expect to earn an average of $74,500 for their public utility job.


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