what do public utilities jobs pay

what do public utilities jobs pay

Public Utilities Jobs and Their Pay

Public utility jobs are commonly found in energy, gas and water companies and can play an important role in keeping communities running. Every day, employees in these companies help with the production, distribution and maintenance of additional services.

What Does A Public Utility Employee Do?

The duties of a utility company employee can range from support and customer care to operating and maintaining the vital infrastructure that provides electricity, gas and water across the country.

What Are The Typical Salaries For Public Utilities Jobs?

The range of pay for public utility jobs depends on the employer and the job role. The median annual wage for power plant operators is $74,260, while the median annual wage for electrical and electronics installers and repairers is $58,190.

In addition, the median annual wage for cable technicians is $44,575, and for electricians it’s $56,180.

How Can I Find Public Utilities Jobs In My Area?

If you are interested in finding public utilities jobs in your area, the following places can be a good start:

  • The Utility Jobs website: This website provides employment opportunities in the utility industry.
  • Trade publications: Trade publications specialize in the publication of job postings in their particular industries. They can be a useful resource for jobseekers.
  • Online job boards: Online job boards such as Indeed and LinkedIn offer a wide range of job postings. Check out these boards regularly to keep updated on the latest job openings.

Public utilities jobs offer a range of pay and can be a great opportunity for those looking to enter the energy, gas and water industries. Make sure to research companies in your area and the positions they have available.


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