what do you wear to a job fair

what do you wear to a job fair

What To Wear To A Job Fair

When you attend a job fair, first impressions are important. You will want to make an impression that you are confident, and capable, and the way you present yourself can have a long-lasting impact. The way you dress can be a deciding factor in getting a job offer. Here are some guidelines for what to wear to a job fair:

Dress for Success

You will want to dress in professional attire, a suit or conservative sport coat and slacks. Select stylish clothing that creates a polished look, avoiding bright colors or prints. If a suit isn’t appropriate for the industry, dress in dress slacks and a button-down shirt.

Related Footwear

For footwear, polish your dress shoes and make sure they are comfortable. You will be on your feet all day, especially if you plan to attend dozens of employer tables. Avoid high heels that could be uncomfortable and will cause you to slow down.


Adding accessories can help complete the look. Wear a belt that matches your shoes and finish off with a professional watch, additionally adding a tasteful tie if appropriate.

Personal Hygiene

Personal hygiene should never be overlooked. Make sure you have vigorous shower before the job fair, and keep your clothes wrinkle-free and your shoes polished.

Stay Professional

It is essential to remain professional in both your appearance and conduct at a job fair. Refrain from excessive jewelry, extreme hair styles, or heavy makeup. In addition, be aware of your body language and maintain a friendly demeanor as you talk to potential employers.

By following a few guidelines and sticking to a professional look, you can make a good impression at the job fair. Showing up dressed appropriately can help you in the job search process, and will give employers a better understanding of your value to their organization.


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