what does a full brake job consist of

what does a full brake job consist of

What does a full Brake Job consist of?

Brake jobs are essential maintenance requirements for any car. But what exactly does a full brake job consist of? In this article we explain the different components of a full brake job.


The first part of any full brake job is a thorough inspection of your vehicle. During this inspection, a technician will check your brake pads, caliper pistons, and rotors for wear, corrosion damage, and any other potential issues. They will also be on the lookout for any brake fluid leaks or damage to the brake line.


Next, the technician will replace any necessary brake components. This could include:

  • Brake Pads: The brake pads should be inspected and replaced if needed.
  • Rotors: The rotors should be measured and any worn rotors should be machined or replaced.
  • Calipers: The calipers and pistons should be examined and any damaged or worn parts should be replaced.
  • Brake Fluid: Any brake fluid should be replaced to ensure there are no contaminants or moisture in the system.
  • Hardware: Any brake line and caliper hardware should be examined and replaced if needed.


Once the components have been replaced or serviced, the brakes need to be adjusted. This includes adjusting the drums or rotors, adjusting the parking brakes, and adjusting the calipers for proper clearance.


Finally, the brakes should be tested to ensure that they are operating correctly and to ensure there are no leaks or any other issues.

A full brake job should be performed by a professional technician who is experienced in brake systems and can ensure the safety and reliability of your car.


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