what does future consideration mean in job application

what does future consideration mean in job application

What Does Future Consideration Mean in Job Application?

Aspiring professionals need to familiarize themselves with a new term that is increasingly used in job descriptions and applications: “future consideration.” It’s an important concept that job-seekers need to understand if they want the best chance of gaining an interview or a role.

What is Future Consideration?

Future consideration is a term used to indicate that a job vacancy has not been filled. An employer may keep submissions of applications on file in case additional or new positions open up in the future. Employers sometimes use the term “future consideration” to refer to the process of keeping resumes or job applications on file for future reference.

When is Future Consideration Used?

  • The role was previously posted, but wasn’t filled at the time.
  • A new role was just created and an employer wants to look through existing applicant resumes.
  • The seasonality of the role is such that future recruitment may be needed.

If a job advert states that future consideration is included as part of the application process, it means that applicants should still follow all the traditional application guidelines. Although future consideration is similar to keeping a resume on file, it should not be confused with recruitment databases.

How to Make the Most of Future Consideration

When you submit your application as “future consideration,” keep following up with the employer to make sure that they have your information on file. Be sure to update the employer if there are any changes to the information you gave. Additionally, when applying for future consideration, it can often be beneficial to tailor your cover letter to the specific roles the company hopes to fill in the future.

Future consideration is an important concept for job-seekers to understand. Use this information to make sure you’re taking advantage of future considerations in your job search.

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