what fast food jobs pay weekly

what fast food jobs pay weekly

What Can You Expect to Earn with a Fast Food Job on a Weekly Basis?

Having a job in the fast food industry can provide some steady income. To get an idea of how much you might earn from a fast food job on a weekly basis read on.

Hourly Wage?

A shift manager at a fast food restaurant would typically earn between $11 to $14 per hour. Generally, working as a cashier, you’d earn between $8 to $10 per hour. It’s also important to note, depending on the state, some states have a minimum wage that can exceed the $8 – $14 range mentioned above.

Factors Which Play A Part During Weekly Payments

How much you earn depends on several factors, such a number of hours worked per week and the type of restaurant you work in. For example, those who work in a high-end fast food restaurant might expect to see better pay than those who work in a budget fast food joint.

Overtime Pay

In addition to wages, many fast food restaurants offer overtime to employees, so if you put in extra hours you could make more money. Some establishments offer time and a half for over 40 hours of work and double time for over 12 hours of consecutive work.


Some fast food companies offer benefits like:

  • Medical and dental insurance: Employees are typically eligible for medical and dental insurance.
  • Paid vacations: Some companies offer paid vacations to their employees after they have worked with them for a certain amount of time.
  • Retirement benefits: Many companies offer a retirement plan that you can contribute to, and you might also be eligible for some matching contributions from your employer.
  • Discounts on food: Most fast food restaurants offer discounts to employees on their menu items.

In Conclusion:

Overall, working in fast food is a great way to make extra cash or set yourself on a career path. With the right job, it can provide some decent pay on a weekly basis and often times the benefits are far better than you would expect. If you are looking for a job with steady weekly pay and added benefit, consider looking into the fast food industry.


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