what government jobs can a felon get


Government Jobs for Felons

Finding employment as a felon can be difficult. A criminal record can be a major obstacle in finding a job in the private sector. Luckily, government jobs offer more leniency and opportunities for felons looking to secure a solid, stable career. Read on to find out what types of government jobs are available to felons.

Federal Government Jobs


    • Full-time and part-time civilian work with the U.S. Federal Government.


    • Positions in the military.


    • Security clearance.


    • Postal jobs.


State Government Jobs


    • Civilian positions with the state or local government.


    • Correctional facility employment.


    • Municipal and county positions.


    • Public transportation.


Legislative Committee Work


your state may offer some felons the opportunity to engage in government through joining a legislative committee. Legally, felons may sit on a committee that advises the legislative body, but the felon cannot actually vote on legislation or laws.

Volunteer Opportunities


If you meet certain criteria, you may be eligible for volunteer work with the Federal Government or a State Government agency. Generally, these organizations may need help with diverse types of tasks, such as helping out in schools, parks, libraries, senior centers and other public institutions.

How to Apply


Many government jobs require you to submit a resume and other documents. Be sure to list your criminal record on the documents and make sure the information is accurate. Be prepared to explain the circumstances surrounding the conviction, and why you believe the employer should hire you despite your criminal background.

Felons have a number of opportunities when it comes to finding government jobs. With the right set of qualifications and a commitment to a better life, it’s possible to secure a stable, successful career in the public sector.


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