what happened to barsky from dirty jobs

what happened to barsky from dirty jobs

What Happened to Barsky from Dirty Jobs?

If you’re a fan of Mike Rowe and the show ‘Dirty Jobs’, then you’d definitely be familiar with former cameraman and producer, Chris “Barsky”.

Start of Dirty Jobs

Barsky was one of the original crew members who started working on the show ‘Dirty Jobs’ with Rowe since 2005. As the show progressed, eventually, Rowe became the face of the show, as the jobs he did made him a household name. Apart from the host, Barsky was also well-known for his work behind the camera. He even had a few on-screen appearances here and there.

Barsky’s Change of Profession

In 2010, Barsky left his behind-the-scenes position in the show, and stated that he left the show to pursue a new profession as a photographer. Since Dirty Jobs aired, he has been featured in many diverse publications such as Glamour, Town & Country Magazine, Forbes Magazine, etc.

What He’s Been Up to Recently

Since his departure from ‘Dirty Jobs’, Barsky’s portfolio of photography has grown, and he is currently represented by Getty Images and Redux. His works range from documentary, street photography, and even fashion photography.

He has also been credited in various documentaries and films which include projects such as Holyland Hardball, Out of the Wild: Venezuela, and Aftermath. Most recently, he was also the director of ‘Migration’, a 2017 short film.


Even though the show Dirty Jobs may not have been the same after Barsky’s departure, he has certainly come a long way. From a cameraman in the show to an accomplished photographer, he has managed to show that anyone can follow their dreams and eventually reach success. Barsky is living proof that any goal is achievable if you put your heart and soul into it.


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