what happened to job’s wife in the bible

what happened to job’s wife in the bible

What Happened to Job’s Wife in the Bible?

The story of Job is one of the most well-known stories from the Bible. It focuses on Job’s unwavering faithfulness and patience in the face of an incredible amount of suffering, but what happened to Job’s wife during those trying times?

Mrs. Job was both loving and supportive

Mrs. Job was a devoted and faithful wife to Job, always loving and supportive regardless of her husband’s situation. She was also a source of comfort and strength to Job as they endured the incredible suffering that came with the loss of their property, their children, and Job’s physical health.

A fateful suggestion

Job’s wife eventually made a fateful suggestion to Job- that he should “curse God and die”. As much as she had been there for him and even though she still loved him, Job rebuked her for this and remained faithful to God, despite his intense suffering. While Job had faith, Mrs. Job’s faith was severely tested and her suggestion to her husband was a testament to that.

The true consequences of Mrs. Job’s suggestion

Unfortunately, Mrs. Job never gets to learn the true consequences of her suggestion as she disappears from the narrative shortly afterwards. It is likely that her fate was left unanswered as a reminder to readers to remain faithful to God and not be swayed by life’s difficulties, even when they become overwhelming.

Lessons to be Learned

While the Bible does not provide us with the actual fate of Job’s wife, it does provide us with valuable lessons on faithfulness:

  • The importance of faithfulness to God. The story of Job’s wife serves as a reminder that despite life’s difficulties, we must remain faithful to God.
  • The power of love and support. Despite Job’s wife’s fateful suggestion, her love and support for her husband was evident and powerful.
  • The consequences of giving up. The story of Job’s wife demonstrates what can happen when someone gives up on faith and gives in to despair.

The story of Job and his wife provides us with valuable life lessons that we can all benefit from. Even if the fate of Job’s wife remains a mystery, its message still resonates with people of all faiths today.


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