what happened to job’s wife scripture

what happened to job’s wife scripture

What happened to Job’s Wife Scripture

The book of Job, one of the oldest books in the Bible, tells the story of a righteous man, who loses his wealth and status, but remains faithful to God until the end. During his ordeal, Job’s wife encourages him to sin against God. In response, God curses her and sends her away.

Biblical Background

The book of Job reflects a time in ancient Israel where people clung to their faith and respected the power of God. In the story, a wealthy and powerful man named Job is tested by God’s hands. Throughout the trials, Job remains faithful, despite his wife’s advice to turn away from God.

Curse Upon Job’s Wife

At the climax of his test, Job’s wife turns against him and tells him to curse God and die. In response, God curses her and removes her from the story. It is written that her curses produces a bitter root that will grow in her womb, and she will live with pain and death until her last day.


This passage has been interpreted as an example of a woman no longer being allowed to take part in religious commitments such as prayer and fasting. It is also used to illustrate the consequences of standing in opposition to the rules of the faith.

Modern Applications

Today, the story of Job’s wife scripture can be used to remind us of the importance of remaining faithful to God, no matter what trials and tribulations come our way. It also serves as a lesson to be mindful of our tongues when we are tested, as well as to remember that God is always in control.


The story of Job’s wife provides an important lesson on faithfulness, humility and obedience. As we seek to stay faithful to God in our lives, we should remember her example and stand firm in our faith.

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